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A future in which the financial sector is as diverse and inclusive as our society. That is what we at WIFS are committed to.

Gender inequality is a cultural and social problem. The introduction of the binding women's quota is a good step, but WIFS is not content with that. We strive for a 50/50 balance.


For us, 50/50 does not only mean equal distribution of men and women, we see that as the starting point. It is about the balance between masculine and feminine qualities in organisations, teams but also in yourself. Especially in the financial sector, masculine qualities in leadership are traditionally the norm. There should be more room and respect for feminine qualities like empathy, cooperation and a long-term focus. If you yourself, whether you're male or female, dare to use both the more masculine and the more feminine qualities in your company, you create more balance. This ultimately leads to more diverse teams that make better informed decisions and proven better business results. This balance is important for creating a healthy and sustainable financial sector.

Utilising female power for a sustainable sector and world.


WIFS is a community with a clear footprint in creating space for feminine values from an inclusive perspective. We strive to create a community of like-minded people who advocate for more female power in yourself, your team, your organisation and the sector. In many places masculinity still prevails and at the same time we see that in many areas the time has come to create balance. We do so based on our four core values.

Connect: Professionals from the financial sector can meet through the network and make new connections by organising inspiring events online and offline. Since 2020, WIFS has been the Dutch host of the international DiveIn festival.

Share: Sharing opportunities, knowledge and experiences with each other to strengthen yourself and others in the network.

Empower: Professionals are (more) aware of their qualities and find tools through WIFS to (further) develop their strengths. Partly through cross-mentoring from senior management to young potentials.

Energize: The activities inspire, motivate and stimulate to carry out the WIFS mission in word and deed in a sparkling way. Our leadership programme is a transformation programme and a journey from a personal goal to cause the 'ripple effect'.

WIFS was founded in 2009. The board consists of  consists of volunteers - women with a great track record in financial services. Officially, we are an association that complies with the wbtr

The Advisory Board consists of c-suite executives who voluntarily advise the board. They also actively support the mission by organising events.


  • Dive In - Tuesday - online event

    26 September 2023
    Registration open
    Dive In - Tuesday - online event
  • Dive In - Wednesday - live event

    27 September 2023
    Dive In - Wednesday - live event
  • Dive In - Thursday - online event

    28 September 2023
    Registration open
    Dive In - Thursday - online event


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