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Dive In festival - Wednesday September 28

Dive In festival - Wednesday September 28
Presented byWIFS
LocationVan Lanschot Kempen, Amsterdam
DateWednesday, September 28, 2022

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WIFS will host the international Dive In festival in The Netherlands for the third time. During the festival on 27, 28 and 29 September a great number of online and physical events are organised. As a WIFS member you also able to participate in all other Dive In events that are organised internationally. 

There is a limited amount of seats for this live event, full = full!

On Wednesday September 28, starting at 13.00 o'clock, we are invited at the Amsterdam office of our partner Van Lanschot Kempen. Maarten van Edixhoven, CEO of Van Lanschot Kempen and member of the Advisory Board of WIFS, will welcome us. We have some great speakers, you can participate in several workshops and there is time to network. The keynote speaker of this day is Glenn Helberg.

Glenn Helberg is a trained psychiatrist who spent years treating patients from the comfort and confines of the consulting room. During this time it became clear that many of the issues his patients faced on a daily basis were could not be understood or treated without understanding the influence of their social environment, an influence easily neglected. He came to the conclusion that, as a psychiatrist, he could only preemptively help people without being able to fix the social system. Realizing this, he made the switch to a different field so he could actively participate in bettering society rather than help salvage the damage it had done.

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The theme for the Dive In festival 2022 is Building Braver Cultures.
Brave cultures within the financial sector means awareness of its important position in society and the courage to want to make a contribution to the challenges we now face as a society. This requires a different attitude from financial companies, to relate differently to customers, markets, making money available and defending risks. This requires balanced leadership with room for diversity and multiple perspectives.


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