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Episode 5: The male perspective on the importance of feminine values.
Rob Spuijbroek is one of the first male members of WIFS. This Rotterdam based father is sporty, eager to learn and has an impressive CV. Rob has worked in the financial sector for 33 years at companies such as AON, ABN AMRO and AEGON. Nowadays, he is an entrepreneur and coaches board members, executives, commissioners and potentials in this field. A focus on people is central to him. How does he view the importance of feminine values in the financial sector? What motivates him to commit to our mission?
In this episode WIFS president Diana Zandbergen engages with him to hear his inspiring story.

Episode 4: Bianca Tetteroo talks about the importance of 'continuing to learn' and diversity in organisations.
Bianca Tetteroo - chairman of Achmea's Executive Board - is the guest in this podcast episode. Bianca speaks with Mirelle van Gemert and reflects on her path to the top of the business industry in this podcast. She also discusses the importance of personal development, leading with purpose and the importance of diversity in teams.

Episode 3: Entrepreneur Anouk Schaap talks about balanced leadership
The young, entrepreneurial sound of WIFS. You can hear that in this third podcast, in which board member Lievijne Neuteboom speaks with Anouk Schaap. Lievijne and Anouk know each other from Young WIFS, which is now part of WIFS.
Anouk started in the financial sector when she was 25. She now has her own company and works as a leadership coach and trainer. She is also a regular public speaker on the subject. How did she experience the transition from manager to entrepreneurship? How did she create this successful business, within which feminine values are central? She shares this and more in this podcast. And, obviously, we hear her views on balanced leadership.

Episode 2: The WIFS leadership programme
In this podcasts Mirelle van Gemert en Fionnuala Heder-Wynne talk about female leadership. And they share the news: soon, WIFS' leadership programme will start. Mirelle and Fionnuala talk about how female power in leadership makes a difference and makes the world a better place.
Mirelle van Gemert is a board member of WIFS. Fionnuala Herder-Wynne is partner of the RedZebra Group, Fellow of Oxford Leadership and dialogue facilitator for the European Leadership Platform.

Episode 1: Female power - needed now more than ever
In this podcast, our president Diana Zandbergen speaks with Nicolette Loonen, the founder of WIFS. They speak about new leadership. Especially during the corona crisis, we need leadership with a vision of sustainable recovery. We need to be more mindful of the bigger picture and focus more on the long term, rather than the short term. Long-term focus and compassion are the essence of female power, which is in both men and women. This first episode is about this and more.


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