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Mentoring programme hosted by Triodos


Today, we were hosted by one of our mentors, Patty Zuidhoek at Triodos, with our mentor group. Meanwhile, our mentors and mentees have already had a wonderful journey together. We started the day with a conversation about recent discoveries, what keeps you busy and what the mentoring programme means to you.

Then the stage was set for Karianne Kalshoven. Karianne has a PhD in ethics and leadership and has been training herself in recent years to pick up, express and use energy. During her contributions, questions such as: how to use masculine and feminine energy, the link between intuition and energy and how to ensure the right energy balance so that you can stay close to yourself and be at your best were addressed.

In October, we will start again with a new group of mentors and mentees. Read more about our mentoring programme or send an e-mail to