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The advisory body of WIFS: the CoA


Last Tuesday evening, May 31, the WIFS board and the Advisory Board gathered. The board is assisted by an Advisory Board. The Advisory Board acts as an advisory body, but also assists the board with advice and assistance in achieving WIFS's ambition.

The Advisory Board of WIFS as of 31.05.2022

Maurice Oostendorp and Diederik van Wassenaer
After years of commitment to the Advisory Board, Maurice Oostendorp and Diederik van Wassenaer stepped down last Tuesday. We greatly appreciate these men for their valuable insights and advice, partly thanks to this WIFS has been able to undergo a great development in the past period. We wish both of them every success in the future.

Left: Maurice Oostendorp | Right: Diederik van Wassenaer

President of Advisory Board
Seada van den Herik, Managing Director of Onderlinge 's-Gravenhage, has been appointed Chairman of the Advisory Board. We are proud that she is willing to take on this role with her knowledge and experience. Seada is a great example of how to personally handle the balance between masculine and feminine energy. Instead of thinking in limitations and ingrained patterns, she learned to think in terms of opportunities and possibilities during her time in Silicon Valley. There, she also realised that being young and female was less relevant as long as results were delivered. One of Seada's goals is to encourage other women to develop their own talents and be allowed to show ambition in the process.

New members
To make the Advisory Board complete again, three new members have been appointed. We are pleased to announce that Maarten Edixhoven, Gerald Cartigny and Maarten van Beek have agreed to join the BoA.

Besides the arrival of these three gentlemen, Seada van den Herik, Petri Hofsté and Josephine van der Vossen-Jonker continue to serve on the CoA. The Advisory Board now consists of 3 ladies and 3 gentlemen, which which is a good reflection of the 50/50 balance that WIFS strives for in the sector.

With the advice and support of the Advisory Board, WIFS is setting further course towards a financial sector that is as diverse and inclusive as society.