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Being intent - A groundbreaking and extraordinarily positive view of who you are at your core


Because fulfilment was lacking in her work and the days crept by, WIFS member Ingrid Aarsman resigned from her management position in the financial sector 20 years ago. With only one plan: to do work in which she could completely indulge herself.

Eventually, many years passed. That which gave her fulfilment: she felt it a little, but there had to be more. It frustrated her that she couldn't reach that yet. Through her encounter with Helma Lieberwerth, that changed.

Helma is the founder of the Being Intention vision: every human being is born to naturally bring something unique, for their own benefit and for the benefit of others. In doing so, life supports you in everything to live from your true self, your Being Intention.

Ingrid found her Being Intention: Expression. She brings people to expression in organisations making them of value. Specifically for people and in organisations where the masculine and feminine are out of balance.

There are so many people, especially in the financial sector, who lack fulfilment in their work. Helma and Ingrid wrote a book about it. With the book, Helma and Ingrid want to teach people to see and understand the clues that life offers about your Being Intention. When you have that insight, you experience that what happens has obvious meaning and direction towards deep fulfilment. This is because these clues are crystal clear and super specific. That makes it very easy for you to recognise them. If only you look at what is happening in your life with different eyes.

Being intent. A groundbreaking and extraordinarily positive look at who you essentially are.

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