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Launched: ACCELERATE 50/50 


On International Women’s Day 2023, March 8, the first ‘Accelerate 50/50’ report was launched by WIFS & Deloitte 

At Goldman Sachs in The Hague, host Gerald Cartigny and moderator, Mirelle van Gemert welcomed the participants, speakers, and industry leaders. We look back on a moving and inspirational event.  

Deborah Rowland inspired and touched the public with her key-note speech. Her insights, experience, and approach, such as “the eek-facor”.  

Moderated by Mirelle and Jason Jie, six industry leaders joined in the reflection session. Leonique Van HouwelingenMarcel PrinsKarlijn van den BergAnnemieke Visser-BronsMartijn Canisius and Sabijn Timmers-Janssen reflected on the status quo in FSI, research results, key-note speech and their personal experiences and insights. We are thankful for their participation in both the research and event.

Chairwoman of the board of WIFS Diana Zandbergen inspired the participants with a personal speech and valuable lessons. "You’re a leader 24/7, not just 36 hours a week" Stating that leadership is something you carry with you all day, everyday it's not 'just a job'.

The energy of the speakers, industry leaders and public made this event a huge success. We look forward to continuing driving meaningful change and Accelerate towards a 50/50 balance. Join the ripple! 

As part of our commitment to Accelerate 50/50, WIFS and Deloitte have launched a research report highlighting the progress made and the challenges still facing us in achieving gender parity. The research, report launch, and event are a joint effort from a team of experts put together by WIFS and Deloitte, prompted by Seada van den Herik and Sanne Welzen.

Download the report now to learn more!