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Recap: GMM on April 5


Several important matters were discussed and decided at WIFS' General Membership Meeting (GMM) on April 5th. These included amending the statutes, presentation of the 2022 annual report, changes to the board composition and additional explanation on Accelerate 50/50.

Change of board
After a period of more than 3 years, Justina Alders-Sheya announced her resignation as a WIFS board member. The board thanks her for her contributions and wishes her well in her future activities. 

Estefanía Matesanz Medina was introduced as a new board member and received a warm welcome at the GMM. She will use her expertise and experience to help further realise the goals of WIFS. We look forward to her contribution. 

After these changes, the WIFS board continues to consist of six members. Chairwoman Diana Zandbergen, secretary Lievijne Neuteboom, treasurer Coby-Wilma van Essen, Mirelle van Gemert and Nelsy Salden and Estefanía Matesanz Medina.

Amendments to statutes

Some important amendments to the statutes were adopted during the AGM. Among other things, these amendments aim to comply with the WBTR. Members agreed to these amendments.

Annual report 2022

The 2022 annual report was presented at the ALV, discussing the main successes and challenges of the past year. The report highlighted WIFS' ongoing commitment to strive for a 50/50 balance in the financial sector. WIFS members can read through the annual report in the member portal. The members discharged the board and treasurer.

Explanation Accelerate 50/50 

Additional clarification on the Accelerate 50/50 was given during the GMM. The report was published last March 8 and is a collaboration between WIFS and Deloitte. The research focuses on accelerating gender equality in the financial sector and how to get closer to the 50/50 balance. 

Annual calendar

The board took the members present through the annual calendar for 2023.

From left to right: Nelsy | Lievijne | Diana | Mirelle | Coby-Wilma

The board thanks all members present for attending the GMM.