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WIFS welcomes new board chair and vice chair


The board looks forward to further strengthening and expanding WIFS in the coming years. We will do so with a new board chair and vice chair: we are very pleased to welcome Chantal Korteweg and Indra Frishert to these roles on the WIFS board! They take over from Diana Zandbergen and Mirelle van Gemert, whom we unfortunately have to say goodbye to on the WIFS board.

Left: Chantal Korteweg | Right: Indra Frishert

Chantal is Director of Social Impact & Inclusive Banking at ABN AMRO. She has been following WIFS since the start and in her work she has always been involved in diversity and inclusiveness, both in the workplace and within financial services, for example in the context of women's financial independence and its importance. She is a co-founder of Code-V, an initiative that brings together 65 parties that want to organize women's entrepreneurship. Chantal considers it a great honor to become president of WIFS and looks forward to taking WIFS even further and strengthening it for growth. Together with the rest of the board, she is going to put her shoulders to the wheel to make it a resounding success!

Indra has worked in the financial sector since she was twenty years old and founded Dazure sixteen years ago, which she still co-owns today. Dazure is an insurer that develops products that meet the family metric, which means that you would want to sell the product to your family as well, which Dazure has extended into a platform where story-telling is done to bring out the feminine part more. In addition to her work at Dazure, she is hugely involved in everything that affects women, she believes we should create much more equality and tries to do her part in that. So from now on, also with and through WIFS.

After years of close involvement and active commitment to WIFS, Diana Zandbergen and Mirelle van Gemert are sadly stepping down from the WIFS board. As board member and then board chair of WIFS, Diana has been involved with WIFS for over 6 years and is now handing over the reigns. Mirelle has been involved with the board for 4 years and for a time served as Executive Director of WIFS. In the years that Diana and Mirelle have been active on the board, much has been achieved: WIFS has sharpened its mission, designed a new website including a new corporate identity, become more active on social media, built a more inclusive membership base and has strengthened its foundations as a network through focused events and programs. In addition, WIFS has increasingly engaged in both national and international collaborations, for example in the Accelerate 50/50 research and the DiveIn festival. We would like to thank Diana and Mirelle for everything they have given WIFS over the past years. Because they are committed to the mission of WIFS, they will remain closely involved: first as members of the Transfer Committee until the end of 2024, and then as active members and ad-hoc advisors to the board.

During the GMM on April 25, the members present approved the appointment of Chantal and Indra. During the DiveIn festival on Wednesday 25 September 13:30 - 18:00 at PGGM in Zeist, you can meet Chantal and Indra in person. Both members and non-members are warmly invited to attend this event. More information about DiveIn can be found here.