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Diversity in leadership
Together with the NCD (Dutch Association of Commissioners and Directors), WIFS is committed to promoting diversity in leadership within organisations. Since the signing of the partnership agreement in 2015, we have been working together to increase the number of women in leadership positions. NCD does this by motivating women and inviting them to relevant events, organising training courses, realising mentor positions and matching them to positions. In doing so, we hope to give an impulse to break down the existing 'walls' inside and outside the boardroom.

WIFS and NCD members can subscribe to each other's events at member rate and we organise a joint event at least once a year. This way, we help our mutual members with the knowledge of WIFS and NCD and enable them to further expand their network.

Female influence
WIFS considers the cooperation with NCD crucial when it comes to creating a greater feminine influence in organisations and thus a better balance between men and women in the boardroom. A better balance between the contribution of men and women at every level of the organisation, including the top, leads to significantly better leadership. Various studies have already shown this. This new leadership, based on diversity, is something we desperately need in the Netherlands if we are to retain a top position in the world.

The M/F Factor project of the NCD is one of the initiatives actively working towards balanced leadership. This is reflected in Leadership and Governance training, internships and experience placements, and coaching. The project was initiated partly in response to the agreement made in 2016 that 30% of top positions in companies must be held by women. A subject that WIFS also regularly brings to the attention from various angles. Professor Mijntje Lückerath reiterated at the 2015 WIFS event that 'diversity' is an important building block for 'High Performing Boards'.

About NCD
The NCD (Dutch Association of Commissioners and Directors) is an association of, for and by colleagues who invest in better leadership, starting with themselves. As CEO, Director, Managing Partner, DGA, Commissioner, Supervisor or any other name for leadership, they want to be there for each other when needed. However, they also actively involve themselves in the world outside their organisations. The NCD calls this 'responsible leadership'.

The NCD's primary concern is inspiration and personal growth. This is only possible if there is the utmost mutual trust, in which vulnerability is natural. We know all too well that learning from each other is the most effective way of learning. Just as we know that continuing to learn is a 'must' (life time learning). Conscious and positive entrepreneurship is the guiding principle here. Conscious, because the NCD also wants to look at the long-term effects. Positive because it is mainly about seizing opportunities and avoiding negative energy as much as possible.

NCD organises many events every year where WIFS members are welcome. Such as the Leadership day.



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