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Camptoo zoekt vrouwelijke CFO

WIFS is benaderd door Camptoo om ons netwerk aan te boren. Zij willen namelijk heel graag een vrouwelijke CFO aannemen. Het is natuurlijk heel mooi dat een organisatie hier zo bewust voor kiest dus daar werken wij graag aan mee.

Ben jij of ken jij de nieuwe CFO van Camptoo, lees dan snel verder!

Will you be the CFO that grows with Camptoo?

About the company
Camptoo is a rapidly growing platform, the Airbnb of campers and caravans. We're the market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium, and growing quickly to that position in Australia and the UK. Winning awards like the #1 fastest-growing travel company in Europe in 2020 as announced by the Financial Times, we have come a long way in less than 7 years.

As we grow and more and more money runs across our platform in more currencies, our Financing department is in need of a solid Financial Director / CFO who will ensure our financial checks & balances match our ambition.

As our management team currently -unintentionally- consists of only men, we would have a preference for a woman for this position.

What we’ll ask of you
Among your challenges will be:

  • setting up a proper accounting system for the new countries we operate in
  • creating financial insights that enable the business to act faster
  • reporting quickly and correctly to our stakeholders on the figures that count
  • closing the financial year accurately and in full compliance
  • working out all the details of cross-currency and VAT transactions when users book internationally
  • ensure timely and accurate payouts to all suppliers involved
  • thinking of ways to automate our payment and accounting system smartly
  • upgrading our financial dashboards together with a data analyst to ensure accurate internal reporting, both high level and drilled down into specific categories / countries
  • finding the next round of funding together with our CEO

What we’re looking for
Essentially, we’re looking for someone able to think big and willing to work small. You will lead a small team of two financial assistants, a debtor manager and work with an external bookkeeping company, and will be in the nitty-gritty of it, working hands-on on a large variety of topics. Much has been automated, much still needs to, and some still goes wrong from time to time; your job is to smartly go about upgrading all procedures and systems continually, until you find yourself with a financial branch you can be super proud of.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy/Finance
  • experience as finance manager, financial controller and/or business controller
  • can implement proper checks & balances
  • worked in an international environment
  • works just as easily in English as in Dutch
  • Excellent project management skills

Nice to haves

  • has worked with Exact Online
  • Master’s degree
  • experience within the big 4
  • experience raising funding rounds

Our offer
We offer an attractive salary or management fee; shares can also be discussed. You can work 32, 36 or 40 hours/week.

How to apply?
Send an email with a cover letter and resume to our co-founder and CEO, Martijn Peeters. His email is martijn@camptoo.nl

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