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Don’t miss it 22nd September Workshop From DE&I to DNA by BetterFuture

In the financial sector we often use the word equity. Also known as the shareholders stake in the company. But what does equity mean in the context of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)? 

During this workshop you will explore as a kickstart of the Dive-In festival what DE&I means and how you can raise the Equity!

For you personally; for your organisation; and the world around you. We will explore the tools needed to become more diverse, equitable and inclusive. We'll move from the business case explaining the (cost) benefits of DE&I; to experiencing what it means to feel included and when it hurts to feel excluded; and translating it within the context of your organisation. Together with Better Future you will explore the tools that have proven to be successful. 

Better Future is a purpose-driven management consultancy that humanises organisations to turn business into a force for good.  We’re on a mission to create the working environment where people can experience and realise their full potential. Where everyone can have a fair share, can raise their voice, to exist, grow and flourish. 

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