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Don’t miss it 22nd September Webinar ‘ A paradigm shift in valuating differences’  by Ingrid Aarsman

When it comes to diversity we usually label people to define who they are: by gender, race, culture, and sexual orientation for example.

Ingrid Aarsman introduces a distinctive and more inclusive perspective: every individual is different by nature and from his uniqueness he has to contribute something to himself and others. That is called your intention of being. Something completely different than a purpose; it’s who you are by nature, in every cell of your body.

In this webinar Ingrid will explain the intention of being vision founded by the Dutch entrepreneur Helma Lieberwerth. A paradigm shift on who you are, what your call is and how that is related to what is happening in your live. You will find out what an intention of being is, what the value of the differences between people is, how you can find deep fulfilment and joy by working from your intention of being and how you can interpret the whispering of your inner voice.

Spoiler alert: do you recognize things in your live you get annoyed, grumpy and angry about? Events that happen increasingly and with more and more impact? Those are the signals that lead you to your intention of being.

Ingrid Aarsman has been working in financial services over 20 years now. As certified Quaner (personal guide), personal supervisor and changemanager she lets individuals in organizations express in work fully by offering them a new perspective. That leads to flow, fulfilment and inner certainty in times of change.


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