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Don’t miss it 24nd September Workshop by The Leadership Pipeline Institute “Global Leadership - Local action to Diversify & Include”

Investors mitigate risks in their portfolio through DIVERSIFICATION. In companies we have learned that we are better positioned to create value if we INCLUDE the unfiltered voice of our customers. If we apply these principles to the way we lead our people, diversity and inclusion become hygiene factors.    

During this workshop you will be introduced to the Leadership Pipeline Concept as a global and agile architecture to become a future proof talent factory. Do you currently unlock the potential of your highly diverse talent pool? What would be your ambition? How do you plan to bridge the gap to achieve your ambition?

Today, the Leadership Pipeline is widely recognized as one of the most influential leadership models throughout the last two decades. A significant number of the Fortune 500 companies have successfully implemented the Leadership Pipeline as their main leadership infrastructure for selecting and growing talented leaders at all levels.

The Leadership Pipeline Institute is specialized in supporting organizations to implement the Leadership Pipeline architecture globally. Brent van Rossem, Managing Partner at the LPI, will guide you through this highly interactive workshop.

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To get the most out of this session you are advised to take 10 minutes to prepare by answering the questions on this page.


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