Women in financial services

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How do you make impact as a leader? Join us during Dive In 2021 on 22 September!

What if we unlock the potential of feminine power?

On 22 September you can join an interactive online session (English spoken) with Fionnuala Herder-Wyne where you get insight in how you make an impact as a leader. What qualities are already within you and how do you unleash them to really make that impact?

This session is also the starting point of the WIFS research.

We need to create a more sustainable finance sector by drawing the attention to the connection between the compassion, caring & sharing and the power of the feminine. This new narrative stands on the masculine and the feminine, without one or the other it is out of balance. And so, unlocking the Power of the Feminine is essential if humanity is to awaken to its true potential. WIFS is an active community which connects, empowers, energizes and inspires to facilitate grow off feminine power and create a perfect balance in Finance.

What qualities are essential needed to create a more sustainable finance sector and how can YOU make an impact on that? How are these qualities represented in your organization and what is your capacity to make this transformational change?

This is what the WIFS research is about! How can we unlock the potential for good?

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