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50/50 Powertalk met Chantal Korteweg over financial inclusion

50/50 Powertalk met Chantal Korteweg over financial inclusion
Georganiseerd doorWIFS
Datumdinsdag 26 april 2022

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Please join us for the first in our series of 50/50 Powertalks on Tuesday 26 April 16.00 – 17.30, in which we kick-off with Chantal Korteweg, Director Inclusive Banking at ABN AMRO.

Women in the Netherlands often feel misunderstood by their financial advisors or reckon that financial services do not match their needs. This is why Chantal, together with her team, McKinsey and Better Future, has researched the obstacles that women face in finance at different stages of their lives. This has resulted in the report ‘The importance of inclusivity in financial services’, which was officially received by Her Majesty Queen Máxima in her capacity as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development during its launch event in February. The findings highlight how crucial it is to make financial services accessible to all.

On Tuesday 26 April, Chantal will provide us with an overview of the findings of the report and her work on and experience with the topic of financial inclusion. She was trained as a lawyer and has worked for FMO (the Dutch development bank) for 13 years in different roles as a development banker and as Director Strategy and Stakeholders and ExCo member, before starting as Director Inclusive Banking at ABN AMRO. Here, she is tasked with making banking products and services more inclusive and accessible for women and others. During the past 10 years she passionately worked on female leadership and gender finance. Among other things, she initiated the Fempower Your Growth partnership, a Dutch financial sector initiative, connecting the worlds of bankers and female entrepreneurs. In 2022 Chantal was nominated in the WIFS/LOF Top 50 Women in Sustainable Finance.

The WIFS 50/50 Powertalks will take place once every two months. By providing a platform for various views and insights around gender equality and inclusion we aim to inspire and bring our WIFS members together. Our goal is to empower each of our members (of: each and everyone of you) to develop their footprints individually and start the ripple effect in the financial sector towards achieving a 50/50 balance.

We hope to welcome many of you to this virtual event.